punch clock WIDE.jpg


For this commission, the client came up with the phrase “Artist-in-residence under late capitalism”. They wanted an image to reflect the idea of having a creative practice being hampered by a day-job. And then the creative practice retaliates


12 high street

This commission for Weichert, Realtors was a unique challenge. I created the image using only the blueprints, an image of the empty site and a single image of a similar home in the the same neighborhood. Working closely with the client, I digitally created and painted each element and finish to essentially construct the house before it existed. I also created a vector of the rear elevation (left). The house, as it is finished, is pictured below (center & right)

Card V4.jpg

holiday card

A holiday card created for Maria, Stephen and Fenrir



Saunter Trek Escort Parade… (S.T.E.P.) was a walking-based, participatory art exhibition at Flux Factory and Queens Museum. I was commissioned to create a GIF banner and logos for use in various print and web-based promotions


Quiz-o-tron Championship Belt

In this collaboration between myself and metalsmith Ryan Consell, we created the Quiz-o-Tron championship belt. Quiz-o-Tron is a live science-based comedy panel hosted by Rebecca Watson. I designed the iconography for the belt and Ryan fabricated it. Wait, wait… Don’t Tell Me! host Peter Sagal (right) is one of the past winners of the belt

cosmic detective painting_smaller.jpg

Cosmic detective

This small painting was commissioned after the client saw an image of the mural (left) I had painted for an exhibition. The concept was to use a real scientific mission and present it as a pulp detective novel. The best part is that between the time I created the original digital design (right) and the painting (top), the New Horizons probe had sent back the first ever images of Pluto, which I was able to then incorporate into the final version